➢Capcut Network Error FIX without downloading VPN by wired kira


➢Capcut Network Error FIX 

Capcut pc error fix by wired kira

    This Video Will Help You to fix
Capcut Network Error.

Step 1:- Open VPN settings.

Step 2:- Click on Add VPN. 

Step 3:- Name the Connection name whatever you wish.

Step 4:- Open any browser, go to this website  vpngate.net/en/
               and copy any server address.

Step 5:-  Paste the address

Step 6:- VPN type select Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol(SSTP)

Step 7:- Set Username-vpn   Password-vpn  and save it.

Step 8:- Now Click on connect.

Step 9:- Now open capcut, click on Click to try again.

Step 10:- Enjoy :)


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